The Neighborhood of Bayside Historic District

Community Info

The Bayside Historic District is part of the Upper East Side neighborhood. The area is bounded by NE 72nd Street on the north; Biscayne Bay on the east, NE 67th Street on the south, and Biscayne Boulevard to the west. As one of the earliest Miami communities, the architectural styles cover the popular movements of several decades; Frame Vernacular, bungalows, Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, Mission Revival, Streamline Moderne, and many more. Its diversity creates a wonderful setting where the personality of each house is accented. That, and the central location of the neighborhood make it quite special.

Here are just a few things that make the Bayside Historic District neighborhood stand out:

An Ancient Neighborhood: As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami, Bayside Historic has architectural treasures you will find nowhere else. Most of the homes were built between the early 1900’s to the mid 1940’s. So you’ll see many of the popular styles of the time, including Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, and Streamline Moderne.

Baywood Park: At 1.87 acres, Baywood is the smallest City of Miami waterfront park. Awesome views of the Julia Tuttle Causeway and the Miami Beach skyline, this little wonder with nearly 700 feet of bay frontage is a popular neighborhood spot for jogging, walking your dog, or sunset watching at the days end.

Limited Access Points: The only way into Historic Bayside is through 69th street. A long winding road spills into the neighborhood – making every entrance peaceful and scenic. This enhances the neighborhoods privacy and keeps traffic local.

Location, location, location: The Bayside Historic District is part of the Upper East Side neighborhood, so all the wonderful things in and around it are yours for the taking; MiMo District, Ironside District, Wynwood, the Design District, and much more.

A short history of the Bayside Historic District neighborhood:

  • Bayside was once a part of the pioneer settlement of Lemon City. Cool!
  • Fun Fact: Bayside is the oldest intact community in Northeast Miami – and has one of the area’s last remaining bay front estates.
  • On the northern section of Baywood Park, are the remnants of Samuel J. Prescotts’ winter mansion. All that remains is the gothic-looking stone fence. Prescott was a Washington, D.C. contractor, banker, and president of Prescott Farms in New Hampshire who made Bayside his home.

Restaurants & Attractions

Some of our favorite places to dine around Bayside Historic District:

LOBA: This lovely and rustic gem was imagined then created by mother and daughter chefs, Libia and Jessica Sanchez. This is Colombian cooking with the modern twists of the latest trends in cuisines and the spiritual vibe of a Latin kitchen. Wholesome food from the hearts of two special women.

Barmeli 69: Looking for a little adventure with the appropriate wine? Barmeli69 is a tapas / wine bar that can satisfy that gastronomic itch. It’s a cozy establishment good for a quiet date night or sharing an evening with friends and family. It’s a neighborhood treat.

Organic Bites: The twist here is how educational eating at Organic Bites can be. Their slogan, “Once upon a time, all food was organic” gives you a hint at where their mission lies. Organic, seasonal fare built on the idea that food can be flavorful AND good for you, Organic Bites is a delicious side-step from the ordinary. Plus, you can eat and be productive – Karma Carwash is on the premises.

Ni.Do. Caffe: It would seem that a few Historic Bayside District digs have a philosophy they evangelize; Ni.Do. stands for NI.ente DO.mani – or “there is no tomorrow.” Sure, it sounds like a Bond film, but the people at Ni.Do. are aiming much higher. This Italian eatery believes everyone should enjoy life to its fullest every day – and to that end Ni.Do. prepares and serves food that is made fresh everyday so that you can enjoy the immediacy and love of a good meal.

Favorite things to do in and around Bayside Historic District:

MiMo District: There is so much to say about this strip of classic MiMo architecture – what was once a dilapidated row of out-of-luck hotels is now a hopping food and drink meca. Thank you historic preservationists! Over a dozen restaurants and bars line Biscayne Boulevard here, offering experiences that are fun, adventurous and wonderful. Take a walk. Taste (drink) a few things (glasses of wine). Then walk back home.

Legion Park: This is more than you’re run-of-the-mill park. Open to 9PM every day, it’s a neighborhood hub for kids and adults; tennis, soccer, picnicking, boating, and internet access make this a popular spot. Plus, every Saturday you can visit the Farmers Market for local produce and freshly made food. Yum.

Ironside District: Just 3 blocks west of the MiMo District, you have the Ironside District. But where one aims to preserve an era, this one wants to create one. This modern concrete-based collection of buildings is an ode to design. Check out the design showrooms, boutiques, galleries shock full of the human imagination. Plus, you have a few great eateries and bars to keep you properly nourished and hydrated. Important.

Upper East Side Demographics

  • The Bayside Historic District had a population of 533 residents
  • The median household income was $63,206 (2016)
  • Percentage of married-couple families with children is 42.4%

Distance to popular areas

Design District: 2.1 miles
Midtown: 2.4 miles
Wynwood: 3,2 miles
Downtown Miami: 6.2 miles
Brickell Center: 6.6 miles
Miami Beach (South Beach): 7.8 miles
Miami International Airport: 7.9 miles
Aventura Mall: 9.8 miles

Neighborhood Schools

Morningside Montessori School (Toddler to Kindergarten)
The Cushman School (K-12)

Morningside K-8 Academy
Phyllis R. Miller Elementary School
Horace Mann Middle School Grades 6-8
Miami Arts Charter – MAC (6-12)
Design and Architecture Senior High – DASH (9-12)
Miami Edison Senior High School Grades 9-12

Are you in love with Bayside Historic District?

Email or call me (305.318.8557) to learn more, talk about what’s available and hopefully visit a few of these amazing homes. I can’t wait to show you around.