The Neighborhood of Buena Vista

Community Info

Buena Vista is one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods – dating back to the 1890’s. It is bounded by I-195 to the south, I-95 to the west, 54th street to the north and Biscayne Boulevard to the east. Many homes in Buena Vista were built in the 1920’s, and you’ll find architecture in the Mediterranean Revival, Mission, Craftsman, and Art Deco styles. It’s a quiet pocket in one of Miami’s most popular areas, with an eclectic collection of restaurants and cafes on their 2nd avenue corridor. Buena Vista is a great neighborhood for families and young couples who don’t need to be in the middle of things, but want to be close enough to enjoy being in the middle of things from time to time.

Here are just a few things that make the Buena Vista neighborhood stand out:

A Miami Treasure: A true neighborhood, sprung from our pioneering days and dotted with midcentury aesthetics of wide tree-lined roads and cozy homes.

Don’t call it a Nightlife: It’s more of a Nightcap Life. Nearby, small cafe’s restaurants and bars provide you with all your basic culinary needs, from vegan establishments to upscale Italian fare.

Cultural: You are literally on the edge of one of Miami’s cultural hotspots: The Design District. Over two dozen art galleries, showrooms and art installations, the biggest fashion brands in the world, and an array of design houses that cater to your home and business. It will contribute to many a day well spent.

Central location: You are Miami-enabled. Wynwood, Midtown, MiMo and Downtown Miami are close enough to throw an Uber ride at. So you can jump into the wonderful entertainment the city provides then escape to the balmy, tranquil refuge you call home.

A short history of the Buena Vista neighborhood:

  • In its early days as a small village, Buena Vista was home to pioneering families from North Carolina and Georgia.
  • The land where Buena Vista sits was part of a homestead belonging to the Lieutenant Governor of Florida of the time – William Henry Gleason.
  • By 1910, Buena Vista had a railroad depot, a hotel, a post office, a grocery store, a fruit packing plant and a church. All the elements of a growing South Florida town.

Restaurants & Attractions

Some of our favorite places to dine around Buena Vista:

Vista: This Italian inspired restaurant has ambiance to spare. Partly managed by one of the twin chefs (of downtown’s Fratelli Milano fame), it is known for its amazing brunch and its rooftop bar. If you get the chance, try their grilled octopus – a tasty, well-portioned plate that will go amazingly well with any bottle of wine. Located at the Upper East Side Buena Vista, you can wander off to explore whenever the atmosphere moves you.

Buena Vista Deli (also known as the BVD): Authentic French food makes a welcome appearance in the neighborhood – freshly baked bread and pastries, paninis, desserts and much more. The mission is simple: to bring back simple nourishment. They do it with a commitment to use fresh ingredients and give special attention to the tiniest of details. I can sit here all day. It’s a good place to snack on their highly regarded quiche while catching up on my latest Kindle read.

La Piazzetta: For authentic Italian pizza, you have La Piazzetta. Most of what goes into their pizza is imported from Italy to ensure you get the most authentic, Neapolitan experience. At the risk of sounding basic, please try their Margherita pizza. Flavorful and light, you will not soon forget how good it is.

Kraken Lab: If a bowl could make you happy, it would be a Kraken Lab bowl. Taking their queue from Albert Einstein’s words “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere,” they have endeavored to experiment, experiment and experiment. The items on their Japanese fusion menu read almost like ingredients for a post-apocalyptic dish. For instance, their CHCKN Bowl is created with baked chicken nuggets. That’s right, chicken nuggets. Now that’s a meal my 4-year old niece can get behind. Obviously I already have.

Lemoni Café: This is probably Buena Vista’s iconic neighborhood spot. Juxtaposing European and Moroccan cuisine (with a dash of Argentinian flair), the Lemoni Café serves tasty treats with comparable vegan options. A relaxing spot to nosh and develop your conversation skills, you will always find couples and intimate groups of friends enjoying a good dish or drink together.

Favorite things to do in and around Buena Vista:

The Design District: What can we say that has not been said before? When you are window shopping at Tom Ford and grabbing a quick bite at a chic cafe, there’s no time for pleasantries. As one of Miami’s major shopping and tourist destinations, this outdoor mall is a fashion-forward stop that always has something to offer.

Upper Buena Vista: This little shopping and dining hamlet is built under two huge banyan and ficus trees – an ambitious project where the complex was built around and within the existing foliage. Twenty-one micro boutiques of food and crafts, from up-cycled, handmade fashion to tropical Colombian drinks al fresco, there is something in between that will make your day special.

Wynwood: Art is part of Miami’s life’s blood. Where the Design District is contemporary and sophisticated, Wynwood is grungy and rebellious. This is where emerging artists try out their ideas and style on any wall they can find. Combine the visual cacophony with excellent dining and shopping, and you have the makings of many wistful evenings of culture and cuisine.

Location, location, location. Buena Vista is special. It is part of many of the Upper Eastside neighborhoods, without the traffic. A traditional neighborhood surrounded by an ever-evolving Miami culture, it might be one of the best situated locales in the area.

Buena Vista Demographics

  • There are 9,058 people living in Buena Vista – with a median age of about 34 years old.
  • The average family size is 3.8.

Distance to popular areas
Midtown: .4 mile
Wynwood: 1.1 miles
Downtown Miami: 4.1 miles
Brickell Center: 4.5 miles
Miami Beach (South Beach): 7.8 miles
Miami International Airport: 5.8 miles
Aventura Mall: 14.4 miles

Neighborhood Schools

Morningside Montessori School (Toddler to Kindergarten)
The Cushman School (K-12)

Morningside K-8 Academy
Phyllis R. Miller Elementary School
Horace Mann Middle School
Miami Arts Charter – MAC (6-12)
Design and Architecture Senior High – DASH (9-12)

Are you in love with Buena Vista?

Email or call me (305.318.8557) to learn more, talk about what’s available and hopefully visit a few of these amazing homes. I can’t wait to show you around.