The Neighborhood of Wynwood

Community Info

The Wynwood neighborhood is a bustling arts district just north of Downtown Miami. Eclectic, artsy and dynamic, it’s one of Miami’s hippest areas to live in. We like how one website put it, “Wynwood is an outdoor art exhibit at city scale.” True. Wynwood’s borders are 20th street to the south, I-195 to the north, the Florida East Coast Railway to the east, and I-95 to the west. It stands out for its creative dynamism, with new art and businesses popping up seemingly overnight. It has a very active day and nightlife, a hub for foodies, creatives, designers, artists and tourists. Do you want to feel like you’re at the center of it all? This is your neighborhood.

Here are just a few things that make the Wynwood neighborhood stand out:

Eclectic Neighborhood Feel: This is not a typical Miami neighborhood. An urban experience, Wynwood feels more like a Greenwich Village. There is always something happening, and lucky for you everything is a short walk away.

Active Lifestyle Friendly: Galleries, bars, restaurants, indoor soccer, parks, festivals, concerts…the fun is there for the taking. Not really a place for introverts, Wynwood is a happy place for those who indulge.

Walkability: Wynwood is small, so you can get around with your feet, like the hunter-gatherers of yore. Visit a local bodega for groceries, do some work at the co-working space of your choice or crash at the many cafes to caffeinate. But leave the car at home.

Central location: This is just a great location. Really. The Design District to your north, Downtown Miami to the south and Edgewater to the east. It’s snuggly located in Miami’s most walkable, entertaining and cultural areas.

A short history of the Wynwood neighborhood:

  • Prior to its recent rebranding as hipster-cool, Wynwood was known as “Little San Juan.” Many Puerto Ricans immigrated and made their home here in the 1950s.
    In Miami’s pioneer days, this section of town did not have alcohol restrictions, so it was dotted with saloons where wild behavior was welcomed.
    Coca-Cola opened up a bottling plant in 1926 in Wynwood on 29th street – which has since moved.
    In the 1980’s, the Miami Fashion District was the third largest garment district in the country, as the influx of Cuban’s bolstered the workforce.

Restaurants & Attractions

Some of our favorite places to dine around Wynwood:

Panther Coffee: One of the first hotspots of Wynwood, come and partake of freshly roasted gourmet coffee sourced from some of the world’s best coffee growers in Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Bolivia and others. A great place to catch up on life’s happenings with friends or just to enjoy a solitary read, Panthers is a Wynwood must-hang.

Sugarcane: This local legend is both a restaurant and a scene. By that we mean that when you’re there, it’s not just for a meal. You’re getting fanfare, throngs of people and the sound of happy taste buds. Located a little north in the Midtown area, this is just a nearby culinary experience you want to jump into. An amazing raw bar, dishes prepared in a Japanese robata grill and a margarita-slinging bar will do their best to assure that you leave properly satiated. Add to that live music and weekend brunches, and you have something to do every night.

Coyo Tacos: The kids at Coyo take their philosophy, “everything fresh,” to unassailable levels. On the spot guac? Check. Homemade tortillas? Check. Locally sourced veggies? Check. Naturally raised meats and seafood? Double check. The final product? Delicious. No one knew that Mexican street fare could be so, well, fresh. Everything you put in your tummy here is filled with compassion for the earth and the animals we share it with. Kudos.

Salty Donut: There are donuts, and then there are donuts. The Salty Donuts creates donuts, sweet confections designed for donut connoisseurs who want to look over the edge of a sugar-high. Our favorite? Maple + Bacon. Imagine – a donut with a pure maple glaze, topped with candied Proper Sausage bacon in a  J.Wakefield porter reduction. Take your time.

KYU: This wood-fired restaurant is inspired by Asian cuisine and the art of Japanese barbecue grilling. Fun Fact: In an effort to promote sustainable practices in their process, they have vowed to plant trees to replace the ones firing up their oven. Guilt-free pleasures.

Favorite things to do in and around Wynwood:

Wynwood Walls: The space that started it all! In 2009, Wynwood was nothing but a sea of underutilized warehouses. That meant lots of white walls. Community revitalizer Tony Goldman saw this as an opportunity, and commissioned Miami’s top graffiti artists to turn these walls into city blocks of canvas. And thus, Wynwood Walls was born. Graffiti artists from all over the world have contributed to their ever-evolving gallery; Os Gemeos, Invader, Kenny Scharf, FUTURA 2000, Dearraindrop, FAILE, BÄST, Shepard Fairey, Aiko, Sego, Saner and dozes more. Check it out.

Wynwood Art Walk: Our favorite neighborhoods grow up so fast. What started out as a fringe artist community has now evolved to a cultural taste-maker. Street art prevails, but there is a nice contingency of pop and contemporary art for you to look at. Loop in the great music and food scene and you have a neighborhood every hipster dreams about. So nurture that inner hipster in you with a night in Wynwood.

Midtown Shops: It’s like, a straight 1-mile shot north for more traditional experiences. Basically, a huge outdoor mall with shops, restaurants and bars. Great for strolling and taking advantage of a few happy hour specials before settling down at a good restaurant for a great meal. Plus, you can get some shopping done at Target before heading home!

Wynwood Demographics

  • There are over 15,000 people living in the Wynwood neighborhood.
  • Median age is 35 years old.
  • The average family size was 3.2 people

Distance to popular areas
Design District: 1.1 miles
Midtown: .7 mile
Downtown Miami: 2.6 miles
Brickell Center: 3.0 miles
Miami Beach (South Beach): 6.2 miles
Miami International Airport: 6.5 miles
Aventura Mall: 15 miles

Neighborhood Schools

BridgePrep Academy Charter School (K-5)
Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School (PK-5)
Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School (PK-5)
Aspira Eugenio Maria De Hostos Youth Leadership Charter School (6-8)
Jose De Diego Middle School (6-8)
Booker T. Washington Senior High School (9-12)
Miami Arts Charter (6-12)

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School (K-8)
Sha’arei Bina Torah Academy For Girls (6-12)

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